Inteligencia Artificial

If you are interested in taking advantage of systems geared to automated document processing at the heart of your company, Serimag’s TAAD solutions make it easier for you to access the most interesting features offered by current technology, in addition to your present document management system. We develop and provide you with services that contribute greatly to making your document file management more flexible and, therefore, optimizing the cost of this section. All of this without losing sight of quality control in automation to meet the appropriate standards.

Using our automated document management technology will therefore give you the chance to see your documents classified according to a careful segmentation and extraction process, in accordance with relevant, proven criteria. We can meet your expectations and needs in this area thanks to the combination of our professional background in machine learning for companies and a high degree of customer orientation. This has allowed us to win the trust of major national and international companies for the implementation of improvements in document recognition.

Professional solutions for document processing automation

We apply state-of-the-art language processing and computer vision techniques in order to achieve the most satisfactory performance in our document automation systems. We thereby provide our diverse range of customers with an attractive opportunity containing the best services that companies specialized in BPO services can provide. In this respect, we also invite you to discover the advantageous and complete mobile document capture system that we can integrate into a corporate app using SDK. It has been developed by taking into account the needs of our professional customers in their daily document processing.