Without a shadow of a doubt, we are going to remember 2018 as a fantastic year for Serimag. The work and effort made during recent years is being consolidated, and the numbers prove that to us. Every day, TAAD continues to secure its position as a benchmark in the sector and fully consolidated solution.

Over the last 6 years we have invested in R&D in order to attain advanced knowledge in the areas of Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. And we have been applying it little by little to projects in real environments where we have managed to automate numerous document processes. Looking back over the last 12 months, the numbers have been simply spectacular. Just looking at the size of the numbers can make your head spin, but the robustness of TAAD allows them to be taken on with no problems.

Bigger, faster

If we look at each and every one of the pages that have entered the system, and which it has been capable of processing, we are talking about a staggering total of more than 400 million pages (wait, let me repeat: 400,000,000 pages!). If we consider that on average 30 pages are required to apply for a mortgage at a bank, it gives us an idea of the enormous quantity of documentation that has been processed. For this, the system has been scaled and adapted, so we are now talking about more than 30 servers with more than 2000 cores processing constantly. Furthermore, this year Serimag can rely on the services of Acens, one of its partners, to provide robustness and reliability to the production systems.

TAAD in numbers 2018

We have increased our customer database with blue-chip signatures at national level, in the bank, insurance and real estate sectors. With them, we have more than 40 projects in production with different types of documentation and requirements. Our solution has provided time savings of over 1.6 million hours of manual processing, and cost savings between 1 and 2 million euros.

TAAD clients and benefits

Building ties and expanding frontiers

Beyond the solution itself, the true potential of Serimag lies in the experience and knowledge of its whole team. And this small yet great family has continued increasing its ranks with 8 new members who give us the strength and endurance to continue offering the same service quality. But we have also built ties with important partners such as Indra and Tessi Graddo, which provide support and added value to a complete solution for customers. And we mustn’t forget the collaboration agreements with major research centres such as the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), the Computer Vision Centre of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (CVC) and the TALP of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. With them, we have successfully closed new developments and have opened new challenges to investigate.

But this year we have taken a step forward and we have come out of our comfort zone. We have attended major global trade fairs, such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and top trade fairs in the sector such as the Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid and the AI Summit in London. More than 30 countries and 300 companies showed their interest in our solution, which demonstrates the concern and need that exists in the global market. But we have not stopped there, together with ICEX we have established relationships in countries such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. At Serimag, we have not shied away from offering the solution to countries with new languages and methodologies.


Ready for the future

The best part of experiencing a great year are the excellent prospects that we can see for the future. Hard work and consistency pay off and solid work provides confidence when moving forward. This 2019 is going to be full of innovations and the first of these will come in the form of new offices, which we hope to be able to show very soon. The workplace is vital for our team and for those who come to meet us and work with us. And of course you’re all invited to see them! The aim of the new 700 m2 offices and ample workspaces is to accommodate a team of 40 specialists in Machine Learning for sharing solutions with our customers and partners.

Our sights are set very high. They say you should aim for the stars to reach the moon. New markets, new customers, new challenges, new collaboration agreements… The Serimag machinery does not stop. But we continue with the same enthusiasm to innovate, to consolidate ourselves as benchmarks in the sector, and to demonstrate the robustness of a fully consolidated proposal to our customers.

Welcome 2019!