One of the main areas in which Serimag carries out its activity is document processing automation We help drive modernisation in companies of all sectors through a document processing tool that we have called TAAD, and which is built entirely from our proprietary technology. But how does this product function exactly? What are the key factors that enable it to streamline document management?


The TAAD functions make all the document processing steps in an organisation more efficient, from assisted capture to its automated detailed classification, even when large volumes are entered. At the same time, it facilitates the later location of specific fragments by interested users.

Why does our tool make a difference in document processing automation? Once a document is entered into the system, TAAD can detect its characteristics and extract the key data for labelling. This is where our natural language processing technology application comes into play: the software is capable of not only identifying the usual parameters in a document, but also of interpreting, differentiating and correlating the content of the text by itself. Thus, we reach an unprecedented comprehension level that allows documents to be classified in depth by multiple criteria and in a fully automated way.

No less important is the role played by technology known as machine learning. Basically, this is a branch of artificial intelligence focused on automatic learning. In our case, through a large volume of previous examples, we train the system so that it can accurately respond when identifying the elements that are presented to it.

At Serimag, we have specialised in some of the fundamental technologies in order to understand the evolution of data and document processing as a key part of digital transformation within companies. Our way of applying them to integrated solutions that we make available to the customer has given us the opportunity to experience success stories with top companies from various sectors, such as CaixaBank and Indra among others.