At Serimag we are looking at our diaries. Before our well-deserved summer break, we want to analyse industry events that are coming up, to see what’s on the horizon. We’re talking about international events that are always interesting. Some are conferences, which allow for discussion and debate with other professionals which can be instructive, while others focus more on show-casing more specific technological solutions.

At these meetings we can find out about new ideas to use in new ways to meet latent needs. Or about new processes which give improved production times and flows, giving the businesses that take the risk of adopting them higher margins.

In recent months we have actively participated in some of these events. We were exhibitors at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, at the DES event in Madrid and at the Al Summit in London. However, there are a lot of very attractive events on offer for next year (with more than 75 possibilities). We have already taken out our highlighters to underline the most important dates. And these events will take place across the globe, so we will have to plan well.

Main industry events

Among the great variety of events and gatherings that will take place in the coming months, these are the dates we have put in our diaries:

Money 20/20

This is a benchmark event for the banking industry. This event will be held through the year: in October in Las Vegas, in March in Singapore, in June in Amsterdam and, in November 2019 it will visit China.


This event, which is also linked to the banking industry, will run in several different countries. Among the main topics to be discussed is the concept of fintech, which describes a new financial services industry that uses technological solutions to improve business processes.


This event will take place in Madrid in September and its main theme will be Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Eventos Gartner

We are talking about the unmissable events for the technology industry. Specifically, two events will be held, one in March in London and the other in November 2019 in Barcelona.

Re: Work’s

There are 6 Re: Work events, each with a different central theme. The dates are: March in Beijing, early June in Hong Kong, late June in San Francisco, September in New York, October in Toronto and November in Houston.

Our diaries are full with important events, but we promise to keep you informed about all the innovations and news that come out of all these events and gatherings related to the development of technology and innovation and corporate growth.