Artificial Intelligence is one of the most rapidly evolving sciences today due to the numerous possible practical applications in our daily lives. To such an extent that major companies in the technology sector, like Google, Microsoft or IBM, have strongly opted for the development of this technology for its application in numerous fields such as automobiles, image recognition or voice text and processing.

At Serimag Media we are experts in the application of Artificial Intelligence in the digitization of documents. We design processes and algorithms that enhance our systems based on Neural Networks, which learn to perform document recognition operations autonomously, seeking the highest possible efficiency in time and accuracy in processing.

Our TAAD (Automated Document Processing) platform is capable of recognizing numerous documents, extracting and verifying data contained in the documents both in digital format and in paper format. Our main objective is to simplify the operations that are currently carried out manually, making them more efficient in time and cost.

The technological future of the coming years will be written by artificial intelligence applications and developments, and Serimag Media is laying the foundation for your company to be at the forefront of technology.