We are on the eve of one of the biggest technology events on the planet: the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We could talk in figures and say that more than 108,000 visitors attended last year, more than 2,300 exhibitors, with participants from all corners of the globe… and everything indicates that we’re going to see record numbers again this year. Together with the CES in Las Vegas, and a few smaller ones such as the IFA in Berlin, these are the fairs that every technology lover has pencilled in on their calendar.

The MWC will be in the spotlight over the next few days due to the presentations given here by the world’s major smartphone companies. Just today Samsung has announced its next big launches for 2018: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. And tomorrow, Sony plans to do the same with its new Xperia. Like so many other companies, they are setting the pace in the consumer electronics industry that has been so active in recent years.

But it’s not all about smartphone presentations. The MWC is much more than the headlines that will be repeated over and over again throughout the media. Behind these are hundreds of professionals from all fields of technology presenting their new items, looking for solutions for their companies, creating networks and synergies. That’s what this fair is about, too. And Serimag is doing its bit here by presenting its Artificial Intelligence solutions to the world.

And AI could well be one of the big stars at this event. One thing’s for sure, 2018 is going to be its year. Going back to smartphones, we can see how integrators are rushing to announce processors with new and unprecedented computing capabilities, or the benefits of their new AI-equipped cameras, or assistants with more and more features. Market gurus have also been announcing a Digital Transformation to us for some time, hailing it as the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. All of this is driven by a disruptive technology, a game-changer: Artificial Intelligence.

We know this very well. AI is here to stay and our mission is to get it to all those companies that need it ASAP. Because there are many tasks still being done manually that don’t add any value to companies. Serimag, as experts in the document industry, want to facilitate change in all those companies with large volumes of documents.

Tomorrow morning we open the doors and we would like to invite you all to visit us at stand 41 in the Spanish Pavilion. Come and get to know us, our technologies and our solutions. We’re sure we will surprise you… at least with the gift we have in store for you. Don’t miss it!

MWC18: Let the show begin!