Second day of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And we continue presenting our Artificial Intelligence solutions for Intelligent Document Recognition to the visitors who come to our stand, number 41 in the Spanish Pavilion.

From first thing in the morning it was already clear that business was going to be just as non-stop as the day before. That’s a good thing. People continue developing relationships, sharing knowledge, problems and solutions. At our stand we assist businesses and organizations with problems and concerns of all kinds. That’s a good thing. And by that we mean that these businesses begin to see that they should start to change their way of thinking towards the digital world.

For example, during the Mobile Talks, at the Mobile World Capital stand, we were able to listen to Xavier Tuduri, CEO at ServiZurich, about how they had approached their Digital Transformation process. And they did this by starting with the digitalization of their own employees, who would then push knowledge and needs to higher levels. Because this is what it’s all about, the Digital Transformation of a business must be done through a change in digital mentality.

At this MWC there are many companies offering solutions, as well as many visitors who have come in search of these technologies. Even the media are aware of this change and come to our stand to discuss our experience and knowledge. Processing procurement documents, digital onboarding, and document capture for intermediaries are some of the situations mentioned by our visitors.

All of which can be tackled with our Artificial Intelligence solutions. Using both the back-end service, TAAD, and front-end service, SMAAT. In other words, a service which combines robust and reliable processing with portable capture using smartphones. From here, all our services can be adapted to the needs of each and every visitor: some will need to integrate it, others will implement it in the cloud, etc.

At Serimag, we invite you to visit us at stand 41 in the Spanish Pavilion (Congress Square) to find out about our solutions in person. Don’t miss it!