Third day of this year’s Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. And from stand 41 at the Spanish Pavilion we continue to attend to all the visitors showing an interest in our Intelligent Document Recognition solutions.

Meanwhile, today we also wanted to look beyond our stand and learn about the other proposals and innovations being presented at the congress. Throughout the 8 pavilions in the Fira Gran Via, there are over 2,000 exhibitors from different areas. But of all these there is one in particular that stands out: Artificial Intelligence. Even the slogan for a series of talks at the congress has the same heading as this post.

Projects that seek to treat blindness, cars driven by smartphones, cameras that analyse and recognize scenes to optimize capture, real-time translators, facial or mass group recognition, smartphone hardware optimization, personalized recommendations and assistants, chatbots … All of them with one common factor: the engine that makes them a reality is Artificial Intelligence. An abstract and broad concept that hides behind numerous types of technologies, research and development. We could mention neural networks, both Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Computer Vision or Natural Language Processing as those technologies that could be behind the so-called Artificial Intelligence.

It’s good to see that development companies are heavily committed to these systems. The interesting thing now will be to see how the market is able to grasp its benefits and accept what is necessary for a complete digital transformation. The proper use of these solutions is the key to their use.

As AI experts, we at Serimag are aware of this. Our solutions are fully adapted to the customer and only integrate the technologies they need, including the ones we have named above. Moreover, collaboration with other companies allows us to integrate our technology into their products to further enhance them.

We invite you all to come and learn about our solutions at stand 41 of the Spanish Pavilion. Don’t miss the appointment, last call!