When it comes to understanding each other, machines and humans are doomed. In fact, the need to overcome the communication barriers between the two is what has led to the appearance of natural language processing companies like ours. As we told you in one of our recent posts, machines must be able to understand what a document says in order to manage it properly and that is where the work we do at Serimag comes into play.

And it is not only about machines being able to understand the documents as if they were photographs, it is also necessary for them to do so semantically, interpreting their content and eliminating the irrelevant parts in order to classify them or identify them satisfactorily.

Complex financial language

While it is true that natural language processing is a need today that has arisen in companies in all fields, this seems to be especially true in the financial industry.  

The reason is obvious: documents that are normally used in the world of banking and finance have become so complex, and sometimes so similar between each other, that their automatic classification becomes impossible if you do not go to a natural language processing company that can help the machines understand what they are saying.

But the difficulties in this professional field are even greater. It has been shown that the language used in contracts, communications, clauses, etc. has managed to cause the loss of customers or even falls in shares. This is why companies in this industry are turning to natural language processing to “teach” machines to locate the most complex terms and replace them with others that are more “accessible” to customers.

It is clear that professionals related to the stock market dissect thousands of financial data every day, but it is important to know how to translate these data into words, which is why large companies in the investment world are committed to the potential of Artificial Intelligence or Natural Processing Language to bring their work “closer” to both other mortals and the actual machines that work on their classification, identification or internal management.

If your business belongs to this field, get in touch with Serimag and we will tell you everything we can do to improve its performance.