2018 in numbers

Without a shadow of a doubt, we are going to remember 2018 as a fantastic year for Serimag. The work and effort made during recent years is being consolidated, and the numbers prove that to us. Every day, TAAD continues to secure its position as a benchmark in the sector and fully consolidated solution.Read more

Improving our technology to increase automation

At Serimag we consider the implementation of different projects through the application of the various Artificial Intelligence technologies that we know about to be as important as investment in R&D, in order to continue to develop this technology. And it is the latter that concerns us now, being something which we are especially proud of.Read more

desarrollo tecnológico como innovación

Agenda: upcoming industry events

At Serimag we are looking at our diaries. Before our well-deserved summer break, we want to analyse industry events that are coming up, to see what's on the horizon. We're talking about international events that are always interesting. Some are conferences, which allow for discussion and debate with other professionals which can be instructive, while others focus more on show-casing more specific technological solutions.Read more

automatización de procesos documentales

Everything digital transformation can do for your business

There's no avoiding it, in today's society and markets everything changes at great speed. Against that background, the tool that can help companies adapt to the new times and be more competitive is Artificial Intelligence, AI. Automation becomes essential to gain time and reliability. In this sense, the automation of document processes will be key in the future. The days are numbered for these manual processes as customers face new risks and demands that can come from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Artificial Intelligence in business: from opportunity to necessity

During the DES 2018 event Daniel Garrido, our Technical and Project Director, offered attendees the vision that Serimag has regarding businesses and the implementation of this technology. And more specifically in Spanish companies where management teams seem more reluctant to incorporate it, either due to a lack of belief in its impact or due to a view of processes which is not focused on the new needs of users.

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Serimag present at the DES 2018 and its Digital Avalanche

The Digital Enterprise Show 2018, also known as DES 2018, took place on the 22, 23 and 24 May at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid. The show focused on the Digital Transformation in which the business environment is immersed and on the technologies they should rely on to make this happen.Read more

tecnología en lenguaje natural

Signature detection with TAAD technology

Important steps have been made in recent years in the field of document processing automation and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).  This being in the field of automatic learning and natural language technology. And all in order to automate every possible task at companies and to focus efforts on other issues. Something that is feasible with our TAAD and SMAAT Artificial Intelligence systems. To process large volumes of documents and, as in the case of this post, to detect signatures.

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automatización de procesos documentales

Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

The world is changing, new technologies enable us to advance and create new work environments. The aim of this evolution is none other than to improve processes, create new opportunities and expand business. Industry 4.0 encompasses many elements, with document processing automation being one of the most important. Even though this concept may seem futuristic, the reality is that it's already here. This scenario makes it necessary for employees to have new skills and for organizations to reinvent themselves.

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Our visit to the Mobile World Congress 2018

From 26 February to 1 March 2018, one of the most important technological events was held at the Barcelona Fira Gran Vía: the Mobile World Congress. In previous posts, we have spoken about our experiences at the Congress and some of our thoughts on the technologies and innovations that were exhibited.

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NPUs: the new Artificial Intelligence chips

As document processing automation professionals, we want to look at a concept that you may have heard talked about but are not sure what it means: NPUs What are they? What are their applications?

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Cloud computing and its benefits for companies

Cloud computing has innumerable advantages for companies. It is important to consider how its benefits can improve the reality of a specific organisation, in the same way as we do with document processing automation.

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A look at the TAAD system

One of the main areas in which Serimag carries out its activity is document processing automation We help drive modernisation in companies of all sectors through a document processing tool that we have called TAAD, and which is built entirely from our proprietary technology. But how does this product function exactly? What are the key factors that enable it to streamline document management?


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MWC18, day 3: “AI everywhere”

Third day of this year's Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. And from stand 41 at the Spanish Pavilion we continue to attend to all the visitors showing an interest in our Intelligent Document Recognition solutions.Read more

MWC 2018, day 2: businesses and their Digital Transformation

Second day of this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And we continue presenting our Artificial Intelligence solutions for Intelligent Document Recognition to the visitors who come to our stand, number 41 in the Spanish Pavilion.Read more

MWC 2018, day 1: we open our doors

For yet another year the Mobile World Congress has opened its doors at the Fira Gran Vía in Barcelona. With more than 2,000 exhibitors and hoping to surpass last year’s 108,000 visitors, the congress has a new exhibitor among its ranks this time: Serimag, presenting its Artificial Intelligence solutions.Read more

MWC 2018, day 0: all ready

We are on the eve of one of the biggest technology events on the planet: the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We could talk in figures and say that more than 108,000 visitors attended last year, more than 2,300 exhibitors, with participants from all corners of the globe... and everything indicates that we’re going to see record numbers again this year. Together with the CES in Las Vegas, and a few smaller ones such as the IFA in Berlin, these are the fairs that every technology lover has pencilled in on their calendar.Read more

empresas de procesamiento del lenguaje natural

Natural language processing is gaining importance in financial companies

When it comes to understanding each other, machines and humans are doomed. In fact, the need to overcome the communication barriers between the two is what has led to the appearance of natural language processing companies like ours. As we told you in one of our recent posts, machines must be able to understand what a document says in order to manage it properly and that is where the work we do at Serimag comes into play.Read more

empresas de procesamiento del lenguaje natural

Language technology Hackathon at the MWC 2018

The place occupied by Natural Language Processing (NLP) companies on the technological landscape is increasingly prominent. In addition to being reflected in the demand for these services by diverse organizations, this technology continues to gain prominence in events of maximum relevance and in projects launched from public institutions. In February, we have an unbeatable example of how the two areas above go hand in hand.Read more

Serimag and its Artificial Intelligence at the Mobile World Congress

The year 2017 that we have just left behind was a great year for us. Serimag consolidated its solutions in the market, obtaining great results. We now look to 2018 with great expectations because we firmly believe that there is considerable document processing in companies that does not provide any value and can be automated.Read more

Folleto del congreso ICDAR 2017

Document processing researchers meet at ICDAR Kyoto

The biennial event on document analysis and recognition is now in its 14th year and brings the scientific community together to present methodological and technological advances, one of the most relevant being Deep Learning.Read more

NLP - Natural Language Processing

NLP: and the machines managed to understand us

Natural language processing is as old as computing itself. At Serimag we understand the documents in order to process them naturally thanks to NLP (Natural Language Processing).Read more

Infographic: applied Artificial Intelligence in business

Artificial Intelligence is one of the strategic technological trends that are most likely to emerge in the coming years, according to a report by Gartner. At Serimag we are well aware of how disruptive it can be to introduce this technology in the business world: process optimisation, cost and time savings, regulatory compliance, etc. The implementation of these new methodologies helps companies to address problems that were previously very difficult or even impossible to consider by means of traditional methods.Read more

AWS SUMMIT 2017: The time of the Cloud and Machine Learning

Serimag had the opportunity to attend the AWS Summit organised by Amazon Spain to promote its services in the cloud. The annual event took place in the Kinépolis cinemas in Madrid. There we came across numerous companies that were already using the services and those that were beginning to show an interest. Read more

CaixaBank digitizes 25 million documents with Serimag

The documents come from Barclays Bank, acquired by the spanish bank CaixaBank at the end of last year. Technological partners of Serimag also participated, such as Indra BPO and Abbyy.Read more

Convolutional neural networks. Machine replication of human learning

Object recognition in images, automatic classification, learning a language, detection of signatures... little by little we are beginning to solve problems that until now were conceptually too complicated for a computer and that only a person was able to reason out. Artificial intelligence has been able to go one step further to emulate the learning of our brain through convolutional neural networks, revolutionizing the world of automatic learning. But what exactly are they? And most importantly, what possibilities do they offer us to improve conventional documentary systems?Read more

Artificial Intelligence is writing the technological future

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most rapidly evolving sciences today due to the numerous possible practical applications in our daily lives. To such an extent that major companies in the technology sector, like Google, Microsoft or IBM, have strongly opted for the development of this technology for its application in numerous fields such as automobiles, image recognition or voice text and processing.Read more

Neural Networks – Autonomous learning

Neural networks are a family of machine learning-oriented algorithms (methods and software). As such, neural networks differ from traditional expert systems in that they generate their own knowledge without the need to implement ad hoc rules for their learning.

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Neural networks – How to train an example

To continue studying the workings of neural networks and to discover curiosities about them, ai-junkie contains some very interesting information. Indeed, by accessing the download link it provides you can download a package with which to check the training and operation of neural networks.Read more