Automatic Document Processing

Our document processing technology complements your manual document management system, allowing you to manage large volumes of documents flexibly.

TAAD is a complete tool with 100% proprietary technology that adds value to document processing digitalization


Reduction of processing costs and times


Adjustable response time


Simplification of the management of seasonal processes


Automatic document validation before approval


Automatic detection of the type of document processed and sorting and classification of its pages to ensure faster interpretation


Division of document batches received into the number of documents contained without the need for separators

Data extraction

Location and extraction of relevant data from the document without the need for templates. Detection of other areas that may contain additional data, highlighting them to facilitate their extraction

Data verification

Identification of data in the document and validation with databases to ensure their correct automation


Detecting and extracting images sent, clipping and highlighting them automatically regardless of the type of digitalization

Signature detection

Identification of signatures present in a document, discriminating their strokes and assessing whether they are signatures or other types of scribbles

Assisted capture

Guidance during the data recording process that simplifies complex debugging processes and increases operator effectiveness

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